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BLIIoT IoT Gateway BL110 Application 38-How to Add Modbus Device

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2022-11-29 14:22:56

Add Modbus Device

Connect IO Module M140 to BL110 COM2 port and connect 4G RTU S475 to BL110 LAN port. M140T DI DO data is collected from COM2 via Modbus RTU protocol. S475 device data is collected from LAN port via Modbus TCP protocol. Connect BL110 WAN port to industrial router R40 LAN port. Router R40 provides network to BL110 Gateway.

Connect M140T & S475 to BL110

Network Switch N81 is connected to BL110 LAN port. S475 is connected to Switch N81. S475 device data is collected through LAN via Modbus TCP. M140T data is collected through COM2 via Modbus RTU protocol. Collected data will be sent to various clouds via 4G router R40 with its routing function.

Note: Both WAN and LAN can collect device data. The configuration procedure is the same. This example is introduction to LAN port configuration.


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