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What is a PLC OPC UA gateway?

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Update time : 2021-10-21 14:54:43
What is a PLC OPC UA gateway?

The gateway is also called the protocol converter, which is used to realize the protocol conversion between different protocols,
so as to achieve the purpose of data exchange.

What is the PLC OPC UA gateway?

It is a device that converts PLC protocols of different brands into OPC UA protocols, or it can be a kind of software.

What is the main purpose of PLC OPC UA gateway?

PLC OPC UA gateway is mainly used to realize the data exchange between PLC equipment and SCADA system.
Because the PLC protocols of different manufacturers are inconsistent, the communication between them and SCADA
requires a lot of drivers. This is for system integration engineers. A huge challenge.
Therefore, in order to simplify the workload of industrial automation system engineers, a gateway was born,
through which system engineers can quickly realize the data exchange between PLC and SCADA.

What types of OPC UA gateways are there?

There are two types of OPC UA gateways. One is an embedded gateway based on Linux OS. This gateway can be used alone.
It can be connected to PLC via RS485 or RS232, and then communicate with SCADA via Ethernet.
The other is a software OPC UA gateway. This gateway needs to be based on an industrial computer to run,
which adds additional costs.

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