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Why system integrators like R40 industrial IoT gateway?

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Author : KingPigeon
Update time : 2021-02-02 17:07:28
There are so many industrial gateways, Why system integrators like R40 industrial IoT gateway so much?
The Industrial Internet of Things consists of front-end sensors, meters, and equipment that are converted and transmitted to a cloud platform via an industrial gateway, then process the data to achieve application.
4G industrial IoT gateway 
First of all, there are lots of industry communication protocols for front-end equipment and cloud platforms, and these protocols must be unified and standardized before data interaction can be carried out. One of the many advantages of R40 is its powerful protocol conversion processing capability. For example, the front-end PLC protocol, meter DLT645 protocol, IEC104 protocol, meter Modbus protocol, and transmitter 4-20mA, 0-5V, DI, DO, etc. acquisition and control, R40 supports all of these protocols. As for connecting to the cloud platform, R40 also supports AWS IoT protocol, Alibaba Cloud protocol, Huawei Cloud protocol, Tencent Cloud protocol, MQTT protocol, Modbus TCP protocol and so on.
Secondly, lots of equipments in the industrial field, and the expandable functions of the R40 can perfectly meet these functions. For example, through the LAN port to expand PLC, meter, equipment, IO modules, etc., through RS485 to expand meters, actuators, etc., it can support the expansion by Ethernet and RS485 ports, which can flexibly meet the needs of different application scenarios .
Wireless Monitoring solution 
Third, many industrial sites not only need to collect and transmit data, but also need to provide network access functions, WIFI networking functions, and video surveillance functions. Then R40 has powerful router functions to meet these application requirements. It also provides private network VPN functions, such as L2tp and OPENVPN secure tunnels.
Fourth, industrial sites not only need to collect data and monitor video, but also need to have intelligent control functions, so as to quickly realize a quick response to possible situations. R40 has a powerful logic programming control function, which can realize intelligent local trigger event execution control. In one word, it supports If A happen, then execute B, or If A and B happen, can execute C.
Fifth, the stability of the network in the industrial field is very important, whether it is for data collection or wireless access to the network. R40 has a powerful network fault diagnosis function. When the access device network is abnormal, it can automatically alarm and automatically restart immediately to solve the gateway communication fault in the shortest time.
Finally, the industrial site environment is harsh, stability and reliability are the first choices. The R40 industrial IoT gateway adopts industrial-grade design, has undergone rigorous testing and verification of many application scenarios, has withstood the test of the harsh environment of the industrial site, and can fully meet the industrial site Applications.
network Failure Alarm 
In summary, the R40 industrial gateway can fully meet the needs of industrial IoT data collection, data transmission, data processing, and communication with cloud platforms. For system integrators, one product can meet the needs of different application scenarios. This is the main reason why R40 industrial IoT gateway is favored by customers. 

Using the R40 Wireless IoT Gateway, can save hardware cost and cut 6 layers to 3 layers contracture.
4G industrial VPN Router
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