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Why do most X86 Industrial Control Opportunities Choose Win7 System?

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-03-21 10:35:39
Why do most X86 industrial control opportunities choose Win7 system?

Why is Windows updated to win11, but most industrial computer manufacturers are still using Win10? Next, Beilai  technology will answer for you. Compared with the Win10 system, the use of industrial computers

The advantages of Win7 system are mainly in the following aspects:
1. Higher stability: The Win7 system is mature and stable. After years of use and optimization, it has been widely used in the field of industrial control with higher stability.
2. Better compatibility: Since the Win7 system has been widely used, it has more industrial software and driver support, and can be compatible with more industrial equipment.
3. Less system resource occupation: Compared with the Win10 system, the system resource occupation of the Win7 system is smaller, which can better meet the resource requirements of the industrial computer.
4. Fewer updates: The Win7 system has stopped official updates, so frequent system updates and upgrades are not required, which reduces the interference to the industrial computer.
5. Fewer security holes: Since the update of the Win7 system has stopped, there will be no new security holes to be exposed, which can better protect the security of the industrial computer.

BLIIOT, as an enterprise that has been working in industrial automation and the Internet of Things for 18 years, now has five series of more than 500 models. As the main product of barium rhenium technology, industrial computer currently has two series of X86 architecture and ARM architecture. Nearly 200 models, Covers mainstream hardware configurations.
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