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Wireless Remote Monitoring Solution for Intelligent Breeding and Smart Farming

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Update time : 2021-11-13 17:21:06
The water quality in pond directly affects the growth of fish and shrimp and then the production of fish pond.  Water quality might have various problems, such as water temperature, oxygen content, and pH which directly affecting the growth of fish and shrimp.

On the other hand, many abnormal situations happen in the daily breeding process. Sometimes a wrong operation will change the water quality. For example, the water suddenly becomes turbid due to excessive feeding or failure to clean the bottom of the tank in time. Due to various reasons, the abnormal increase or decrease of the ammonia nitrogen or dissolved oxygen content in the water , it requires us to monitor the water quality changes in real time. There are many ways to do this.  Hereby introduce a  scientific method which make use of IoT technology.

This IoT solution make use of 4G cellular router R40A and Ethernet I/O module M160T to collect data from sensors and then transmit data to cloud platform for online monitoring and remote control.
Cellular router R40A support Modbus master function. The Modbus slave is  Ethernet I/O module M160T which connect many sensors to polling data such as water temperature, pH, RH, dissolved oxygen, and ammonia nitrogen etc. Once the data exceeds the predetermined value, the system send alarm by SMS, phone or email , as well as activate the aerator, water pump and automatic feeding machine immediately.  This is to alarm and remote control.
Moreover, cellular router R40A can also work with IP cameras and door sensors to achieve 24-hour unmanned monitoring, anti-theft and anti-virus.

4G cellular router R40A and Ethernet I/O module M160T Such product portfolio can meet various applications,for example
smart farming, breeding, hydroponic, as well as BTS monitoring, data center , computer room, tunnel , mining, waste water treatment station, Garbage disposal envirement monitoring etc.

There is a real use case. 
Telecommunication operator in Vietnam make use such product portfolio for smart farm and shrimp farm.   Click here to view the
Case Study 
Application overview
IoT Platform -- (mqtt) ---  R40A ----(ModbusTCP) ---  M120T  and M420T ---  sensors and instrument equipment (6 sensor and 16 DO , sensor to collect temp, RH, illuminace,....DO to control some equipment such as fan, pump)
Customer Testimonials:
The IoT devices are for testing our new system.
we are finding IoT gateway for smart farm and shrimp farm
we don't have the wired line internet so we need the R40A router to connect to platform via 4G LTE


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