King Pigeon BTS Monitoring & Site Security Solution
King Pigeon BTS Monitoring & Site Security Solution

Reliable Remote Monitoring of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) is essential for telecom operators with development of infrastructure of mobile networks. The
users need to acknowledge the condition of BTS such as voltage, temperature of battery and air-conditioner(A/C), water detect , smoke detector and generator health status.As many BTS stations are outdoor and no network,site maintenance engineers or management officers still want to know the real time onsite status. Also they may need know the electricity energy consumption volume to control energy cost and avoid electricity theft. King Pigeon Research Team develop the latest BTS Monitoring & Site Security Solution for telecom operators. The solution enable various monitoring and alarms ways. Can remote monitoring via King Pigeon Cloud Platform to monitoring BTS. Also, the platform will alert users according to users’ settings.In addition,King Pigeon KPIIOT cloud integrated online IP camera feature,you can watch the on-site video along with the monitoring&control of BTS station equipments.

Problem solving& Advantages
1. Real time remote monitoring battery pack’s voltage,current,temperature.
2. Real time remote monitoring generator status,fuel level,and remote control generator.
3. Real time remote monitoring power status&energy consumption,save energy cost and avoid electricity power theft.
4. Real time remote monitoring temperature and humidity.
5. Remote control Air conditioner.
6. Alarms via SMS /call /email/App/Cloud.
7. Real time online camera via KPIIOT cloud.
8. Anti-theft,flood alarm.
9. Customize :Other required features by customers. 


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