Temperature and humidity monitoring solution
Temperature and humidity monitoring solution
Application for plasma reagent refrigerators,biological specimen refrigerator and low temperature laboratory refrigeration monitoring system

 Blood station belong to medical and health institution that collects and stores blood and supplies blood to clinical or blood product production units. Therefore, the blood in the center of the blood station is extremely valuable. The temperature and humidity environment is very important for blood to keep safe in the blood station.

The Kingpigeon application of the blood station temperature and humidity monitoring system  technology can effectively manage the temperature and humidity of the environment, thus avoiding blood damage.
Our S265 equirement can collect the temperature and humidity  data  from reagent refrigerator through the sensors and send to Kingpigeon cloud platform for us to monitoring.
The cloud platform provides multi-level management and mobile APP monitoring platform. When temperature and humidity are abnormally. abnormal alarm can pass Voice, SMS, and WeChat methods notify managers in real time.

Using King Pigeons complete temperature and humidity monitoring solutions blood stations are capable of remotely controlling the temperature and humidity in real-time, efficient transmission.

Main Products
Kingpigeon S265 Temperature&Humidity Remote Monitoring
Kingpigeon cloud platform

Why Kingpigeon S265
1. Support temperature & humidity monitoring remotely in real-time;
2. Support 8 channel temperature&humidity input interface(AM230x series T/H sensors);
3. High/Low Alert via SMS/Call/GPRS;
4. Up to 10 user's phone number to receive alarm and daily report SMS/Call;
5. Timer report, interval period 1~65535 seconds, configurable; automatically upload status/Value to the authorized numbers;
6. Support Android/IOS APP, easily & friendly for use/config.
7. Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limitation;