S475+ wind power monitoring
S475+ wind power monitoring

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The wind power environment monitoring system is a monitoring system specially developed for various wind turbines. It can comprehensively measure the voltage, current, speed, coil internal temperature and other parameters of the wind turbine operation, and also measure the operating environment of the wind turbine. Weather parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity. The system has the characteristics of comprehensive functions, stable performance and convenient operation. It is of great significance to monitor and study wind power generation to ensure the normal operation and safety of wind power generators. The system is used for real-time monitoring of wind power plants, and provides data protection for researching wind power generation quality, efficiency, and fault diagnosis data management.

1.Real-time monitoring of various wind assessment parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air pressure, solar radiation, voltage and current. The device S475 has standard RS485 communication function, supports the standard MODBUS communication protocol, and can form a weather monitoring system through a wired connection, a LAN connection, an Ethernet connection, a GPRS mobile communication, a digital
radio station, and the like, and a weather station receiving server.

2.The power supply system has a variety of ways to select 220V, DC 12V and solar power supply systems. The wind power data collector is equipped with a green energy-saving power management module system. If the solar power system is used for power supply, it can ensure steady-state operation without power failure for ten days under continuous rainy days.
3. The wind power generation monitoring system can monitor the running state of the wind turbine in real time. The platform can display the running status information in real time. When the data is abnormal, the on-duty personnel will be alerted. The alarm modes are various, such as telephone, SMS, WeChat. , APP and live sound and light alarms.
Wind power environment monitoring system
[Applicable equipment]: S475+AM2301+ wind speed sensor + rain gauge + current sensor + voltage sensor + cloud platform