S280+WT-05+ Reservoir Dam Safety Monitoring
S280+WT-05+ Reservoir Dam Safety Monitoring

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Unattended dam monitoring, through monitoring the displacement of the dam body, displacement of the dam foundation, crack changes, pressure, temperature changes, and then send the data to the server monitoring center through GPRS, and then evaluate the stability of the dam. Quickly make early warning and forecast of disasters to ensure the safety of the dam.

1,front-end data collection:
Various types of sensors, such as sedimentation sensors, are used to monitor the settlement of the subgrade. The earth pressure sensor is buried inside the dam to measure the longitudinal and lateral forces of the dam. The pore water pressure gauge measures the internal and external water pressure of the reservoir and the dam.

2.Data collection and transmission terminal:
Through our LoRa wireless gateway data collector with WT-05 data acquisition module (2AIN+TH), connect various sensors, collect data of each point in real time and upload it to the server cloud platform, with data over-limit alarm function, when data When the value exceeds or falls below the preset value, you can use the SMS, telephone, WeChat, and cloud platform alarms to achieve early warning.
Unattended dam environmental monitoring
[Applicable equipment]: S280, WT-05