Solar Remote Monitoring System
Solar Remote Monitoring System
Remote solar energy monitoring system’s background

Solar Energy, generally refers the radiant energy from the sun, is commonly used to generate electricity in the modern. Since the exist of earth, life has mainly lived based on the heat and light provide from sun. In the ancient time, human beings have also known to use the sunshine to dry stuff and as a solution of preserving food such as making salt and drying salted fish. However, with decreasing of fossil fuels, solar energy has been further developed.In this case, the number of users who use solar power is increasing in industrial usage or daily use coz it will minimizes costs of enterprises or household spending.

Remote solar energy monitoring system designed by King Pigeon ,which has over fifteen years 'experience in building remote communication networks and manufacture supply. King Pigeon Solar monitoring system use fast and easy 4G Lte, 3G and GSM network routers for real-time monitoring of solar battery’s performance.R40 4G  industrial router is flagship model with 4G/3.5G/3G/2.5G network , VPN link, industrial protection, wide temperature, wide voltage design.

King Pigeon remote solar energy monitoring Solution
4G Industrial Router R40

·Dual SIM 4G Industrial Router(R40)
·Support hundreds of 3G/4G wireless modules, plug and play;
·Intelligent anti-drop line, support online detection, online maintenance, ·automatic redial of dropped calls, ensuring that the device is always online;
·Cloud remote background management, ad push, remote upgrade and ·remote configuration;
·Communication protocol:Modbus slave/master/MQTT/MQTT SSL;
·Remote upgrade and web configuration;
·SMS /Email/Cloud alarm;

Battary Monitoring BMS100
·Battery Monitoring Module (BMS100)
·Battery Monitoring Module (BMS100)
·Monitor 12 single battery voltages(0-15V) or battery pack (0-300V)
·Monitor battery current and temperature
·Adopt 12-bit AD acquisition processing, high accuracy measurement;
·Standard Modbus-RTU protocol;
·Wide working voltage DC9 ~ 60V, with anti-reverse protection function 

The combination of R40 and BMS 100 will be an essential part of solar remote monitoring system. R40 is not only able to connect each device such as wind speed sensor, rain sensor, evaporation sensor, Temp&Humi sensor, and camera but also can upload data which sensor collected to Cloud Platform by 3G/4G network or Ethernet and analyze those data. When the data occurs an exception, R40 will directly dial phone call or text SMS to users 'cell phone or email for warning and reminder. Actually, the entire operation of solar remote monitoring system is powered by solar energy. BMS 100 is a model of monitoring the solar battery. Solar remote monitoring system is to use solar panels to collect energy to convert photoelectric energy into electricity and store it in the battery. The condition of battery will impact entire operation of entire system. BMS 100 is able to collect battery's data to R40 and upload to Cloud Platform as well. These two devices will construct the whole system.

·R40 and BMS 100 take true benefits to electric power Client.
·Upgraded power supply efficiency and shortened outage duration. Less operations support costs with a central cloud platform.
·Rapidly repair any malfunction with alarm functionality.
·Quick responses to unexpected problems

Solar remote monitoring system solution are designed for scalable, quick deployments with no downtime, ensuring positive budgetary performance. Substations become intelligent, allowing customers to detect and solve potential problems in the distribution network quickly and efficiently. With the embedded data acquisition and local alarm functions in the R40 and BMS 100, customers can enjoy real-time monitoring of the system with upgraded fault response efficiency and reduced on-site support.